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Ladybird hubi Puppet

Type: Marionnette
Discover our: "Ladybird hubi Puppet" !

Living Puppets are well named! With their cartoonish look, you will have a lot of fun! You might even be tempted to try ventriloquism.

This puppet is part of a completely crazy noah's ark, where all types of characters meet, each one nicer than the other.

It is of a semi-professional quality, you will have a great rendering from the first movements. The manipulation is simple enough to have fun quickly and without difficulty but you can also progress in your technique as you spend hours on your little skits ;-)

Go for it, you won't be disappointed !

Length cm : 27
Width cm :
Height cm :
Main material(s) :
Articulated mouth : Yes
Reference : W441

Discover our demonstration video :